US: The Folks latest album, US: The Preference is now available on iTunes! Streaming on Apple Music/iTunes* Spotify * Tidal * Pandora * iHeart Radio * Dat Piff * SoundCloud * BOOMPlay * Rhapsody * YouTube 

US: The Folks is set to hit the stage in West Holloweed, CA @ The Viper Room  $15 at the door or you can purchase tix directly from US: Just email us if you are interested.

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Formed in Los Angeles, California, US: TheFolks began as WE: ThePeople. The group consisted of several friends who loved hip-hop culture and music. Some years back, AngGeon Emetrea, producer/ Emcee, first relayed lyrics with fellow rhymer, Eric aka E= MC, and the two have been at it since. The two dropped several mix tapes online via Soundcloud and DatPiff. Each of them, crafted their unique styles and often shared ideas and concepts inspired by real-life events. 

AngGeon, when coming up with the name of the duo, thought: "What if I could create hip-hop beats inspired by loved ones' favorite music and swap rhymes  with E=mc over those beats to voice our generation?" This was the birth of WE: ThePeople and the beginning of US: TheFolks. This is the voice of independence and of our generation; we are the people! 

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